Over the past few months I noticed I was feeling more tired and groggy than usual and couldn’t really put my finger on why.

I had recently moved house but my diet had stayed pretty much the same and I wasn’t eating anything that upset my IBS (onions / onion powder are a complete ‘no-no’ for me) so I couldn’t understand where this lethargy was coming from.

Apart from a new address and less stress, everything had stayed the same however, I kept reading more and more articles online about the quality of the tap water in my area and in all honesty I don’t think my water filter jug was able to get all the toxins out. In fact, when I made ice cubes they were pretty cloudy. In my previous home I had a specialised filtered water tap installed but was unable to take this with me. I didn’t know how much I had come to rely on this better quality water. It wasn’t perfectly pure, but it still tasted better than my tap / jug filtered water.

Swimming Pool Water?

Having tested the PH level of the tap water I was horrified to discover that it was really acidic and I could tell by the taste it contained way more chlorine than it should. Plus there have been many rumour about flouride in the tap water harming the pineal gland and closing our abilities to see with our third eye. Anyway, I digress a little. The point is, it tasted gross and I wasn’t enjoying it. Plus I was beginning to worry about my health and I didn’t want to rely on bottled water (due to the environmental impact) and I was also developing a mistrust of their sources also… which made sense if I was consuming too many toxins via my kitchen tap.

A group of holistic health friends and I had been discussing water distillers, copper jugs and how to get the cleanest water to survive on when I came across this little beauty! So many of my friends and family are now fully ‘distilled up’ with their new water distillers so it was only fair that I shared it with you, too.

I can honestly say that I can’t believe I never had one of these before. It was reasonably priced and works like a dream. You put normal tap water in and the distiller removes ALL toxic waste from the water. You can actually see what’s left. Check out this gruesome picture… gag!

Since using the water from this distiller, I have no more headaches and I am feeling fresh as a daisy. As you know I am an avid water drinker and don’t really drink much else aside from a cuppa tea in the morning and maybe a couple of G&T’s on the weekend so for me this was a complete revelation. I love my machine. It only needs cleaning once a month (a bit like descaling a kettle) and the water jugs remain clean as they have nice clean PURE distilled water in them.

Extra Nutrient Tip

I add extra minerals to my water to ensure that I am getting enough. You can buy trace minerals online but I particularly like these ones… You can spend many happy hours online searching for minerals but I am happy with the nutrient quality of these, they don’t taste too salty and I feel confident my body is getting what it needs.

Whatever you decide to you, remaining hydrated each and every day is the kindest thing to do for your tummy and will help you remain IBS free. For more hydration tips, read this article…

I really love Masaru Emoto’s Experiments With Water (I strongly urge you to google him, listen to the audio book, check out his water crystal pictures and be open to this incredible world of water) and therefore, I have always got it in the back of my head to pray and bless my water which I do regularly to give it an extra energy boost.

Water is the same as everything else that we take into out bodies. The more energy you put into it, the more it will give you right back. Fairs fair after all.

I hope you found this interesting and look forward to sharing more health and IBS tips with you soon.

Helen x

The IBS Coach