Vegans are all really healthy, right?

Not all vegans are healthy…

There is so much attention in the media right now about veganism and how we should ethically not consume meat. And I agree wholeheartedly, for the most part. Living a mostly meat and animal product free (80/20) life myself, I agree that as a race and by ethical standards we have very much lost our way in what is ‘right’ or even ‘acceptable’ in our greed and thirst for money at the cost and suffering of our fellow earth dwelling creatures.

  • However, not all vegans are healthy.
  • Going vegan is not going to magically reset your health.
  • And ‘shock’ horror! Vegans get IBS too!

This is largely because, as with any ‘food movement’ there will always be food companies who meet this ‘supply and demand’ by producing processed, pre-packaged foods, full of absolutes rubbish to satisfy the meaty urges of the new wave of vegans.

First everyone was producing Gluten Free and Dairy Free foods, some of which are OK in small doses, I am not dissing the very real requirement for some of these items in your food cupboard, particularly if you are Coeliac. However, going Gluten and Dairy free for the sheer hell of it (without any actual advice from a nutritionist or dietician) can be just as detrimental to your health as quaffing quorn ready-meal spag bols and vegan ‘meat pies’.

The list of ingredients in just one of these little nasties beggars belief. No wonder I am seeing more and more vegan clients. We are all so confused about what food actually is that eating out of a packet seems more natural than peeling a banana…!

What constitutes a healthy and balanced diet is the same for the average vegan as it is for a fish or meat eater.

Real. Whole. Food.

What I mean by this is whole foods that come from the earth, such as fruit and vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds and grains (some of which are better than others).


The Carb Myth

Potatoes, Rice and Oats are some of the best starchy carbohydrates in terms of the energy they will provide you over a long period of time. These are whole foods. They are natural and unprocessed. They come from the ground and feed our bodies with the energy they picked up along the way.

Pasta, bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits, pies, crisps, chips, chocolate, sweets, are NOT whole foods, they are not really reminiscent of food whatsoever and contain very few nutrients, mostly trans fats which are indigestible and flour of one kind or another.  These foods are highly processed and our Whole Food Starchy Carbs get bundles in with this lot as being bad for your digestive health and not allowed on any weight loss program (not naming names but a program that doesn’t allow certain beneficial real whole foods – from the earth – and allows sugary shit snacks doesn’t sit well with me at all).

Vegans are just as likely to go for packet, processed, convenience, salty, sugary snacks as the rest of us, so going vegan doesn’t mean you are suddenly a saint, eating pure whole foods and nothing else. Of course, some do, and it is to you I take my hat off, sir (or madam)!

The 80/20 rule

I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule. I eat 80% well and healthy and home cooked whole foods and 20% of the time I give myself a bit of leeway, maybe having a desert, some crisps or (until recently) an alcoholic drink. It works for me and my body, however everyone is different and requires a different tailored diet program suited to them and their body, specifically.

Feed Yourself Better with Glorious Whole Foods!

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