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Check out these harrowing stories from our wonderful, inspiring, courageous clients living their IBS free lives!

Dee was diagnosed with Crohn’s some years ago and her digestive health was poor. She didn’t know what to eat and if she was ever going to feel in control. Since starting the program Dee has noticed how she can control how she feels by eating the right, or sometimes wrong, foods. And has improved her digestive health by 95%. Great work Dee!

Linda came to Glorious Food on a recommendation from one of her clients. Linda had so much trouble with her digestive system that even getting to work in the morning was a hard won battle and going out for the day was not an option. Since completing the Be IBS Free program, Linda not only enjoys days out, events and getting to work problem free, but she also has enough energy to enjoy her life after work and spend quality time with her partner.

Rachel lost a stone and a half on our Glorious Food Be iBS Free program as well as getting rid of her unwanted symptoms.

Sylvia had been struggling so badly with her Diverticulitis that she had been hospitalised with it. Since changing her diet with the help of Glorious Food her digestive health is now firmly under her control and she is no longer in pain on a daily basis.

Michelle had been having a continuous headache for 3 years and had tried everything to get better, even having an MRI scan. After working together and testing for food intolerances we found that Michelle was consuming things that didn’t agree with her. After a change of diet Michelles headaches are a thing of the past. And no more bloating! 

Sacha had been struggling with severer joint pain, tiredness, lethargy and feeling bloated for a number of years. Once we had made a couple of amendments to her diet almost all of these symptoms alleviated almost straightaway. Sacha lost weight, gained energy, ate real food and found her joint pain was no longer troubling her.

Glynis had been struggling with IBS for over 30 years and tried everything to get her symptoms under control. Since working with Glorious Food Glynis now knows what specific foods were causing her symptoms and easily avoids those foods, consequently she no longer has to put up with IBS taking over her life.

Anne had painful IBS and was also struggling with Asthma and Psoriasis. She had been unable to find anything that worked for any of these health issues but whittle help of the right diet all of these symptoms alleviated, to the point where she no longer needed her asthma medication!

Cheryl had been struggling with ME and joint pain from Fibromyalgia as well as having unpredictable bowels. Since changing her diet she was able to get some relief and can now move more freely and more comfortably. As well as reducing her IBS symptoms to almost zero.

Beth had been struggling of some time with her IBS symptoms and was searching for an answer. After a change of diet, some Nutritional Coaching and advice she found the solution she was looking for and is now firmly in control of her digestive health.

I had bloating, wind, constipation, belly pains and was always feeling tired and grumpy.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you, the program is very good.

Everything has gone and settled down, I’m very pleased with my progress.

Claire Heard


Before working with Helen I struggled with severe monthly period pains, bloating and an underactive Thyroid, which made me feel tired and I found it difficult to manage my weight effectively.

Having had a recent blood test my doctor has advised that I can now drop my Thyroxin level (thyroid medication) from 175mg to 150mg daily, which is a really positive step.

Since being on the program I have no more bloating and have 100% improvement in my overall health. Having made a couple of changes to my diet, I can now eat gluten free pasta and feel satisfied and not lethargic.

Helen has worked wonders on my health, my period pains have stopped, I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and my energy levels have completely boomed! Glorious Food really is GLORIOUS!

Vicki Dumbleton

Small business owner

I had constant, painful stomach cramps, bowel cramps, horrific toilet time and a foggy head after certain foods plus headaches.

You (Helen) are easy to work with, informative, straight to the point and the program was easy to do with children.

Now my symptoms are gone and I’ve changed my diet again, I’m happy I can start to include some of the foods I had taken out.

Ruth Griggs

Hair Extensions Specialsit

When I first met Helen I was unhappy, bloated, in pain and uncomfortable all the time.

When Helen explained the 6 week program to me, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to the plan and that it wouldn’t work.  But I knew I had to do something.

Working with Helen was a joy.  Helen has changed my life where food is concerned and I can now eat pain and guilt free!

Since completing the program, I have lost weight and feel like a totally different person.  My IBS symptoms have reduced by 95% and I can’t thank Helen enough!

Claire Thorpe


I had low energy, bloating, cramping, daily diarrhoea and regular bleeding from ulcers.

I felt instantly relaxed and at ease discussing personal symptoms with Helen.

Now I have finished the program I have more energy and my ulcerative colitis is much improved.

Sarah Sheridan

Managing Director

I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating. I’d had colds for the past few years and sinus issues and was struggling to lose weight – particularly form the stomach area.

I was weary in regards to actually getting answer and worried that it wouldn’t work and I wouldn’t feel any better as I had felt ill for so long and had no answers from the doctors despite numerous tests etc.

Helen was really helpful, easy to communicate with if I had any problems or queries with any foods.

Now I feel much better again and back to normal. It’s been useful learning wha is good for my body because everyone is different and what is good for others may not be good for you.

Holly Morton


I’m feeling really good. I have no symptoms and am sleeping a lot better. Exercising is a lot easier now I have lost a stone in weight there is less to carry around. The program was really easy to stick to. I had tried everything before but found that I lost a lot of weigh initially and then it went back on afterwards, and I was always hungry. This program is the first program that has been sustainable. I have now got the tools to keep where I want to be.



After Christmas I felt overloaded and rubbish. I was ready to lose weight and wanted to find something that worked. 

I really liked all the support Helen provided following the 6 week intro. 

I now have more energy and reached my target weight and I am easily maintaining this. Good results achieved!

Sharon Snowden

Business woman

I used to suffer with bloating trapped wind and cramps and used Buscopan, Paracetamol and Windeze every day. None of them worked or made a difference.

Once we had spoken on the phone I felt positive for the first time in a long while. The program was very good and the best result is that I have no more bloating!

Kathleen Fyson


My health was terrible and I only went to the loo every 3 – 4 days. I was constantly bloated.

I found you very helpful and this program has truly changed my outlook on life and the way I see foods.

I am now going to the loo daily, something which hasn’t happened for 15 years!

Emma Gore

Small Business Owner

I was suffering with painful bouts every 5 days. It was really unbearable.

The program was very good and you were always helpful.

Since starting the program I have had no major attacks for over 6 weeks!

Charlie Green

Office Manager

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