Microwaves Destroy Your Food On A Cellular Level

Now, microwaves have been around probably 40 plus years, I’m guessing, and they are not the best way to cook your food, or heat your food, or defrost your food, or whatever else you may do in your microwave

I was given a piece of advice around 20 years ago, which was to throw my microwave in the bin. Which, I actually took on board, and when I went home I did just that, or I may have given it to someone else. But, the reason being is that the way the microwave heats your food, or warms your food, or defrosts your food is highly unnatural. It destroys the nutrient content of the food from the middle of the food outwards. So, if you actually want to eat food that is going to nourish you, energise you, make you feel happy, contented, and full, and satisfied, my piece of advice for the day, my digestive health tip is to not use microwaves at all.

But what about dining out?

It’s quite difficult when you’re and about, and you never know in restaurants whether things have been defrosted, or what have you, in a microwave. You can always ask that question if you’re eating out somewhere, but it may be impossible to avoid them 100% because they’re so common, and really commonly used. However, there’s no need to use one at home at all. I remember when I first got together with my husband, and he popped around, and he said, “Where’s your microwave? How do you heat beans?” So, I said, “Well honey, you put them in a pan on the hob, and they take about 30 seconds.” And his answer was, “Well, they take 30 seconds in the microwave.” I said, “Exactly, there’s not even saving you any time whatsoever. It’s completely pointless.”

Not for me…

I haven’t had a microwave personally for 15 years, and my husband is now learning how to heat things up on the hob without the use of a microwave. So well done Andy for that, and yeah, we just don’t need one. If we need to reheat leftovers, just turn the oven on for 10 minutes and pop them in there for a few minutes to heat up. If you need to defrost something you might need to be a bit more organized and get it out from the night before to defrost. But, I’ve not found it to be any hindrance on my life whatsoever to not have one of these supposedly time saving wonder gadgets. I have found that my food satisfies me a lot more because its full of amazing nutrients.

It keeps me energised, it does everything that I need it to do. It keeps me full, and happy, and I don’t need to have my food nuked in any kind of weird microwave object. So, tip of the day, bin your microwave. It is destroying the nutrient content in your food. Learn how to heat things, defrost things, and cook things in other ways. I always tell all of my clients to not use a microwave unless it is absolutely, completely unavoidable, which, sometimes it may be, but still better to not use one if possible.

Dear Old Google

So if you want to do a little bit of research on this there’s some really interesting videos on the energy that plants get through microwaved water and non microwaved water. Now, there’s lots and lots of, “Yes, microwaves are really bad for you,” research out there, and there’s also lots of, “Oh, microwaves are absolutely fine. It’s perfectly healthy.” But, my question would be, do your research and then find out who is behind the research for microwaves. Could it be somebody linked to, perhaps, the microwave industry? And who does the research against microwaves? Could it be somebody, perhaps, who is actually more likely to be looking out for you and your health?

Have a look on Google if you get time to look for the plant microwave story, and it goes a little like this. There are two plants identical, one is watered with normal tap water, which, to be honest isn’t the healthiest water you can get anyway, and the other is watered from water that has been heated up in a microwave, left to cool down, and then the plant number two is watered with that water. The results are that plant number two dies very, very quickly, whereas plant number one thrives on the tap water. So, have a little Google at that.

Better Safe Than Sorry…!

My advice for the day is bin your microwave, or give it to someone you really don’t like. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, but maybe just dispose of it safely. Don’t use them, and enjoy all of the amazing nutrients in your food. Take note on how much more satisfied and full you feel from home cooked normal food, as opposed to microwave food, because you’ll feel much more satisfied eating food that has nutrient quantity in it, than food that has been destroyed by the microwaves.

You deserve better than that. Look after your gut and your gut will look after you.