Gut Health Dharma Detox Retreat

Reset Your Gut, Lose Weight And Strengthen Your Body!

Helen Waddington, The IBS Coach and Paula Rimmer of Dharma Dandelion bring you their unique detoxing retreat to help you improve your health, reset your gut, lose excess fat, boost immunity, improve muscle tone and feel energised!

Our Upcoming Detox Retreat Dates:  

‘Short & Sweet’ Summer Detox

5 days, Monday June 5th to Friday June 9th, 2023

New Year ‘Total Health Reset’

7 days, Monday January 8th to Sunday 14th January, 2024 (Bookable from June 2023, prices vary from June 2023 retreat)

Working together with combined experience in holistic health and beauty of over 2 decades we are super excited to be able to share our Exclusive Detox Retreats with you to enable you to gain bundles of energy, focus and a healthy gut. Join us for a week of detoxing, natural healing, nutritional talks, organic juicing, gentle yoga and learn how to reach optimum health in your normal day-to-day life.

Do you ever feel so tired that you could fall asleep at your desk?

Are you struggling to shift that extra ‘belly-fat’?

Does your gut feel painful, bloated, unpredictable or sluggish, leaving you feeling out of control?

These are just some of the reasons to detoxify your body, flush the toxins out and fill your body full of powerful healing nutrients to give you energy, aid digestion and enable you to safely burn fat cells and lose weight fast!

We are proud to bring you our detox retreats set in the beautiful and scenic North Welsh Coast to enable you to achieve all this and more in a beautiful beachside setting, providing you with plenty of time for rest and relation, natural pampering treatments, massage, salt water swimming, relaxing and uplifting yoga, stunning beach walks and everything you personally need to press the ‘reset’ button on your health and get back to feeling like the real ‘you’ again.

What Happens When You Detox?

The human gut is home to over 100 trillion bacteria, known as the “gut flora.” Having a healthy gut flora is incredibly important for your overall health.Interestingly, many diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors can negatively affect your gut bacteria.

Do you suffer from:

  • IBS or IBD

  • Inflammation 

  • Acne

  • Eczema

  • Hormonal imbalances 

  • Low immunity 

  • Menopause 

  • Pre-diabetes 

  • Auto immune disorder 

  • Depression (Did you know 70% of serotonin comes from your gut?)

By resetting your gut microbiome with new healthy gut bacteria naturally and safely you can reduce or even eliminate most illnesses.

Our clients tell us that they feel 10 years younger by detoxing with us. And you can too! Just check out these gorgeous Dharma Detox Organic juice you will be enjoying throughout your stay with us. They really are delicious, nourishing and full of vital energy! 

Introducing Your Retreat Hosts…

Paula Rimmer of Dharma Dandelion and IBS Coach, Helen Waddington met in early 2022 and have since been working tirelessly to bring you a unique combination of expertise in gut health, juice detoxing and natural health and beauty.

Both Helen and Paula are female business owners and have always dreamed of being able to share their knowledge of natural health and wellness and empower women to take control of their health, create healthy self-care routine and live in peace and harmony, loving their bodies and living life to the full.

“We bring you this retreat to share the freedom and confidence of great gut health and easy weight maintenance.”

Most Women Lose 5 – 7 lbs in 1 week of detoxing, sometimes more…

Feeling good and knowing you have given your body everything it needs equates to great peace of mind.

Supporting you throughout your detoxing journey with us is key to your success and is what we look forward to the most. Watching you blossom and shine enjoying the feeling of good clean energy and better overall health!

Paula Rimmer

Paula Rimmer

Business Owner at Dharma Dandelion

Hi, I’m Paula
My journey began after I developed a virus in December 2021. I had always taken pretty good care of myself (so I thought) and I became really unwell with flu symptoms and my body was full of inflammation.
I became fatigued, gained body fat and started to get strange pains all over my body which continued for months and months… eventually after trying everything, I started to research a more holistic solution as I felt I needed a natural approach to healing my body so after much research it seemed juice fasting was the way forward.
Fast forward to when I met Helen at a healing retreat and Dharma Dandelion Healing Juices was born. Since then I have worked around the clock to bring you our incredible healing detox retreats and together with Helen, we will help you start, or continue, your healing journey using some of what Mother Nature provides us through the power of juicing!
Helen Waddington

Helen Waddington

Business Owner at The IBS Coach

HI, I’m Helen.

I’m super excited to be able to bring you our detox retreats in partnership with Paula. Paula and I hit it off immediately with similar views on natural health and how to maintain a good balance between living life to the full, healing the body and focus the mind as safely, naturally and quickly as possible.

We complement each other, are both easy to talk to and enjoy looking after ourselves, having fun and helping others to find their true health potential quickly and easily with minimal fuss and maximum gain.

Our retreats are a way of Paula and I to share our passion for natural health, weight loss, improved gut health and natural beauty, enabling you to live your best life, easily and pain free.

A bit of background on me. I’ve been specialising in gut health since 2015 and to date I’ve taught thousands of women how to improve their health naturally, safely and quickly by following my signature IBS Freedom Methodology

What Are The Benefits Of Detoxing?

Every day we are subject to so much toxic stress from the foods we eat, the environment, the chemicals we use around the house, our personal products and even in the water we drink. All these toxins place a huge amount of stress on the body’s internal organs, in particular the liver. Our liver performs over 700 functions in a normal day and taking the pressure off this incredibly hard working organ can ensure that other essential tasks within the body can be performed.

Like bone cell regeneration. Immune cell regeneration. Blood cell cleansing and strengthening. Muscle cell repairing. Fat cells start to eliminate their way out of the body as your body clings onto the nutrients you are putting into your body, realising that the fat cells are no longer of use as stored energy. Most people lose an average of 6 lbs weight loss whilst detoxing. You are welcome to bring your own scales to measure this or do a before and after weight check at home to measure your success.

Not only that but when the body has to digest food, it saps our strength and energy as digestion is the most taxing functionality the body has to go through each and every day. This means that breaking down food into waste can actively make you more tired, especially if the food isn’t nutrient dense. So when we take a break from digesting each day and fill our bodies with powerful, dense nutrition that easily absorbs into the blood stream, we achieve a feeling of high energy that may have been absent for years, maybe even since childhood.

It is wise to note that detoxing can also be tiring if the body is severely overloaded with toxins, as it can take a lot for the body to eliminate these. The toxic mass may have been lurking around your body for many years in which case plenty of rest whilst you are detoxing with us is recommended. We will be with you every step of the way and on hand to help you through this process so that you are comfortable, supported and cared for throughout your stay with us.

Other benefits include:

  • Stronger Immune System 

  • Fat Cell Elimination

  • Easy Weight Loss

  • Improved Gut Health

  • Better Muscle Tone

  • Increased Energy

  • More Awareness Of Self

  • Better Understanding Of Nutrition

  • Increased Lymphatic Drainage

  • Nourished Hair, Skin and Nails

  • Hormonal Rebalance

There are many more improvements to your health from detoxing however, we know that if this is your first time it can seem daunting. Both Paula and Helen are experienced in juice detoxing and Helen is a fully trained retreat leader with Dharma International. We will ensure you are safe, protected and looked after during your stay with us.  

You may be an experienced detoxer and are looking for a convenient and affordable detox retreat in which case we would love to meet you and hear your feedback. We bring something a little different with our combined experience and would love to see you there.

*If you take medications please advise us when enrolling for our retreat, via email. We will then advise you accordingly.”

Daily Detox Schedule

Here is our daily detoxing timetable. Timings may vary slightly…

Hurry! Only 10 Spaces!

Our retreats are very Exclusive and we only cater for a maximum of 10 people per retreat to ensure that we are on hand to provide you with personal guidance and tailored advice throughout your detox. This ensures that you are well supported and that we can provide the personal and professional level of service to you that is a part of our company ethos.

Therefore, we only have 10 spots available for our 5 day June 2023 Juice Detox Retreat. Prices will be released for the January 2024 Detox Retreat in June 2023.

Room Availability

We have three different room types in our beautiful beach side venue in North Wales, UK. You can have as much privacy as you require but bear in mind our single occupancy rooms get booked up very quickly.

Maybe you have a friend who is struggling with their health and in dire need of a detox who you could buddy up with in a twin room or the family suite, inspiring and motivating each other to succeed. All rooms are en suite with private bathrooms. 

Retreat Prices & Room Options:

  • We have 4 x Double or King Rooms for single occupancy at £950, per person

  • We have just 1 Family Suite with a separate adjoining bedroom for up to 2 sharers at £750, per person

  • We have 2 x Twin Rooms for 2 sharers at £650, per person

If you are ready to commit to improving your health this summer and give your body and mind a break from the real world then click on the relevant button below to hold your space. 

There are two payment options for you to choose so no matter what your situation is we hope to have made this easy for you to get the incredible benefits to your health your body has been craving. 

Or perhaps you look forward to sharing with another retreat guest, meeting like minded people and reducing the retreat fee. 

  1. Pay in full, simple and stress free

  2. Pay two 50/50 split payments, half now and half 6 weeks before the retreat date

Pay In Full Option

Simply click on the payment button to secure the room you want. Our Stripe payment system is simple to use, safe and secure so you can input your details with confidence and your data will be fully protected. 

Split Payment Option

Pay 50% of your room fee now and 50% 6 weeks before the retreat date. 

Click on the relevant room option button below to make your first payment. The final payment will be due 6 weeks before the retreat date.

Once your preferred room has been secured we will be in touch with a personal email to welcome you to the retreat and provide information of what to bring and how to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. 

Our Retreat Venue

Let us spoil you with this beautiful retreat on the North Welsh Coast. Stunning views and situated right on the beach so that you can take a dip in the sea or join us for cold water dipping each morning to really get the circulation going and maximise lymphatic drainage. This is optional.

All rooms combinations are en suite. You may decide you want complete privacy for your juice detox and opt for a single occupancy room, or perhaps you are excited to share with a friend or another retreat guest. The choice is entirely yours. We are a small, friendly group of like minded people and often firm friendships are formed, such as Paula and I. Who knows where this will take you?

The venue is really cosy and will provide a tranquil space for your detox so that you can enjoy the healing process in peace.

A Personal Note

“We very much look forward to welcoming you on the retreat whether this is your first time or if you are an experienced detoxer.

We love sharing our knowledge and experience with you, supporting you on your journey and learning about our wonderful guests along the way…”

Much love

Helen & Paula xxx

Client Testimonials

I worked with Helen over 5 years ago and since working on her gut detox program I’ve never gone back to feeling the way I did before.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I occasionally have to call Helen for advice on how to make changes or introduce a new food I want to try. Helen is always on hand, she’s approachable and friendly and I never feel embarrassed talking to her about anything. She’s really helped me even years after we worked together on my gut health.

I can’t wait for this detox retreat as I know I will benefit, even though my gut is one hundred times better than before. Detoxing is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I wouldn’t want to try it with anyone else…

Samantha Allison

I have used Dharma Detox juices to get in shape for a special event I had in the calendar and really enjoyed the process. I lost 8 lbs in weight and was able to wear my outfit with confidence. Paula was very knowledgeable and I felt supported throughout my juice detox. I’m really looking forward to detoxing with her in Wales in the summer retreat. I love the sea and can’t wait for a week away being pampered and feeling rested whilst also keeping the weight off and regaining even more energy. 

Joanne Riversdale

More Information Please

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