With Covid being a daily conversation topic for what seems like forever now I have been inspired to talk about immune health.

Your Body Is Amazing!

Yes! It really is! I promise you that your body is working hard right this second to protect you from disease, virus’s and is proactively keeping you alive and functioning.

Cancer Journey

The photo I have used for this article is a picture of my mums cancer. My mum was diagnosed with secondary cancer in January 2017 after a year of excruciating pain in her back. The top two photos show her first MRI scan results and you can clearly see three patches of visible cancer in her skull.

Turns out she was riddled with cancer. She had it in her sternum, lymph nodes, lower and upper spine (the cause of the pain) and even a patch in her thigh bone (which has now also vanished).

Having got mums gut health under control (she used to suffer with Diverticular Disease) with a sensible diet and gentle exercise we were very upset with this cancer coming back – Mum had struggled through breast cancer in 2006/2007 and had radiotherapy over a course of several weeks to blast it away. Every year she was checked for 7 years. And in year 8 or 9 the cancer was back.

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Me, Helen Mileham, and my mum, Sylvia Waddington

We watched a lot of videos about chemotherapy, radiotherapy and various operations to ‘remove’ cancer from the body. We tried to arm ourselves with as much information as possible in order to start taking decisive action against the dreaded cancer. We had both watched loved ones die horrible, slow, agonising deaths as a result of cancer and often the treatment ravaged through their bodies giving them not a chance in hell of survival.

We decided mum wasn’t going out like that.

A Better Way…

She decided to go 80% holistic and 20% medical. And no Chemo. A good, well balanced even better, whole food diet. Lots of well researched supplements including CBD oils and minimal medication.

It hasn’t been an easy journey and we have learned lots over the past few years but finally we feel we are getting somewhere.

The bottom two photos are of mums MRI scan this March, 2020. You can see the cancerous patches are no longer visible. The Oncologist confirmed there was no ‘active’ cancer in this scan, however there may still be cancer cells around.

Immune System

The reason I am telling you this very personal journey is because I wanted to share with you how incredible your Immune System really is.

Every single second of every single day your Immune System is fighting cancer cells and preventing them from taking hold. It works the same for any disease. Or Virus. The whole world is full of airborne germs and our Immune Systems are on constant high alert keeping us safe.

Take Action

Of course, as with any of our body’s systems the Immune System needs a little help from us to ensure it continues to do its job.

If you have read any of my other articles you will know that I am extremely passionate about food and its healing properties. You Are What You Eat has never been more important and our eating habits have Got To Change if we want to achieve good health.

Eating an 80% Whole Food Diet with only 20% processed foods is the easiest way of ensuing you are doing your best in terms of nutrients for your body. And please don’t use Microwaves…!

Not Just Food

Of course, our mental health needs taking care of as well. I find that Not Watching The News and Limiting My Social Media activities really helps my mental health.

#SocialMediaTip Unfollow negative people. Delete un-useful ‘friends’. ‘Like’ healthy, healing, positive, funny people and your social media feed will transform as if by magic into a more productive place to be.

Take up an activity. Do some exercise. Learn to meditate. All of these things can contribute towards a heathy mind and a stronger Immune System.

Your Health Is In Your Heands

We cant change the Covid-19 situation and I am not getting into any political debates about it. All we can do is to really Take Care Of Ourselves and our families by being proactive in our day food choices, giving us the strength both physical and mental to carry on.

We get the results of mums next scan on the next couple of weeks. Please pray to whoever you believe in for us. We are hoping to see more vanishing cancer patches in this one.

Lots of love, look after yourself and Feed Yourself Better

Helen xxx

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