Do you sometimes feel you are fighting a losing battle with your IBS?

You used to blame it on the commute to work. Or the stress of having to get up early and be at the office on time, right? Or perhaps you have IBS because you did something bad in a former life…?!?!

Maybe your body just doesn’t like you and wants to make your life a misery…


The reason you body is producing these symptoms is not for any of these reasons. There is nothing wrong with you and everything right with you.

Once you start listening to your body you will understand what it has been trying to tell you for years and years.

You need to make some changes to your lifestyle.

It really is that simple.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women just like you who have ‘put up with’ IBS Symptoms for years because of two things:

  1. You have been ‘told’ there is no cure and you will have to ‘put up with it’ forever. (This is complete bullshit by the way)
  2. There is too much overwhelming information out there which leaves you feeling confused, conned, unsure, worried about getting your hopes up and so you continue to do nothing.

Becoming IBS free was a long journey for me. It is a process. I continue to work on my digestive health each and every day. But I no longer have IBS Symptoms. I no longer have to feel the shame, embarrassment, pain, discomfort and frustration with my body. I no longer have to hide my bloated belly under baggy clothes. I no longer get asked if I am pregnant. I no longer have to run into public toilets like a crazy women. I haven’t had to take an emergency sh*t in the woods for a long long time…

Since I found my IBS solution was not just one thing but a combination of different techniques…

…I have been able to heal my gut to digest almost everything pretty well. There are a couple of foods that still to this day don’t agree with me and I have learned to live without these quite happily.

I now teach women how to be IBS free. It can be done, as hundreds of my clients are able to testify.

Stop fighting against your symptoms and learn how to understand your body. This is step one. Masking your pain and stimulating your body to either produce bowel movements or prevent diarrhoea will not be successful in doing what your body is asking you to do. You are merely functioning on a daily level and getting through each day never knowing what your body is going to do to you today. Not knowing how much medication to take. Will it go the other way again? Will I be in pain today? Will I be able to focus on my job today? Will I need a lay down today? How many hors will I spend in the bathroom today? What shall I eat today? Will my body let me down today?

Ignoring IBS can be dangerous

I have seen it tie and time again over the year with women not wanting to commit to a lifestyle change, not ready to invest in their health, not putting themselves first.

These women inevitably come back after a year or two, wishing they had looked after themselves better. Nine times out of 10 they have secondary health concerns by now. Their gut health has deteriorated even more. They have left their immune system open to catching all sorts of virus and disease. In severe cases they are more likely to get IBD (inflamatory bowel disease like Diverticulitis, Crohn’s, Colitis). They are 8 times more likely to get stomach cancer and even have to have part of their bowel removed.

Waiting until you have something really stomach cancer is waiting too long. IBS is your body communicating with you. It is telling you to help it out. It is asking, begging you to make some changes. Masking that with pills and potions will not get to the root cause of your IBS.

Your IBS will be personal to YOU. It won’t be the same as anyone else as your internal bacterial colony is yours alone. Your symptoms may be similar to others and chatting about how you feel in support groups may seem like it is helping as you are no longer alone. However, you will not get the right advice unless you speak to an expert in digestive health.

This is not the FODMAP

Pushed from pillar to post my clients have usually tried everything before coming to me, wasting years and years feeling in pain and like their quality of life is poor. Not only that but spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the years on medication, expensive supplements, faddy diet programs, holistic therapies, healing retreats and more. It all adds up.

Not only costing you money but time. Time is the one thing you can never replace. Money can be earned.

Time can’t.

Once it is gone it is gone. You will never get those years back. You will never be able to go to those events you missed because of your IBS. You will never get that time with your family back. You will never get those long extra hours at work back because you had to take Monday and Tuesday off due to your IBS ‘playing up’ again.

How much more of your life are you ready to sacrifice to feeling like shit because of your IBS?

It won’t go away on its own. You may have periods where you feel like you have cracked it. Like you are finally free and then BAMN! Here we go again? What did I do differently? What have I eaten? Who fed me what? Am I stressed out again? Did the wind change? What the hell happened this time…???

Don’t waste your life putting up with IBS…

Your digestive system is an essential system. This is where we extract energy from food. Currently your food is sapping your energy. This means the whole system is in jeopardy as it is not functioning at optimum levels. Your digestive system should be providing your whole body with nutrients in order to have a clear head, precision focus, free muscular movement, great eyesight, healthy hair, nails and skin, satisfying bowel movements and no pain, disease, illness, syndromes or virus’s.

If your digestive system is compromised then this won’t happen. You are allowing your main energy centre to become tired, ineffective and reducing the power of your own name system.

70% of your immune cells are located in your gut!

With poor gut function comes poor health. You are leaving yourself open to catching all sorts of germs, virus’s, diseases never mind the fact that your energy is low, your focus is poor and your mental health is beginning to suffer.

What can you do about your IBS?

Well, you can continue to talk to other people about your symptoms in social media support groups. You can continue trying to figure this out on your own. You can continue to see your doctor, therapist or dietician and hope that one day over the next few years you might get some results. You can continue to search for a main pill that will make this all go away…

Or you can take a leap of faith and join the hundreds of women now living IBS free lives by booking your IBS Clarity Call with me today.

During this free consultation we will discuss your unique symptoms, your current diet, your lifestyle and (where possible) provide you with a solution to your IBS.

Each woman has a unique IBS story to tell. There may be other health issues at stake (7 out of 10 women have secondary health concerns). Your solution could be glaringly obvious to me and just need a simple tweak for you to feel up to 75% better without taking any further action.

One lady I spoke to recently just made one change to her diet upon the advice within this call and dropped 75% of her symptoms within days…

She had been ill with IBS for 6 years getting nowhere with the usual methods. I didn’t even suggest working with her long term as it became clear during out consultation exactly what she needed to do to feel better instantly.

Who is this call for?

I only ever offer my courses, programs or advice to women who actively want to get better. Who I know I can help. If you are comfortable with your IBS and have got used to feeling like crap all the time and using your IBS as an excuse to get out of doing stuff you don’t want to do then please DO NOT BOOK THIS CALL.

However, if you are sick and tired of going around in circles, wasting years of your life in pain with your IBS and want real answers from an expert in this field with a proven track record then BOOK THE CALL.

It is easy to book. Click the link below chose a time and date that suit, complete the application form et viola! You finally get some answers you can work with should you chose to.

Book My IBS Clarity Call

Bonus Free Gift!

My gift to you to help you along start understanding your IBS straightaway is a unique 12 page IBS Secrets guidebook. This guidebook will help you start understanding you body straight away and prepare you for your call with me.

You can start reducing your IBS Symptoms even before we speak by following the advice in this book…

Stop wasting time, money and your efforts on stuff that doesn’t work. Haven’t you been doing this for years already?

Start doing something that does work and take decisive action against your IBS. Don’t wait for your health to fail even more. Life is very short. And IBS doesn’t have to be a part of your life any longer…

Still not sure? Check out my client journeys on the link below and see for yourself how easy it can be to be IBS free.

What My Clients Say


Are you on trillions of IBS support groups for IBS? Are you sick of ‘being told’ you have to get to the root cause, go on the FODMAP diet, take expensive supplements all the time with little or no results?

Join our exclusive community and get some actual advice that works each and every single week with our live IBS coaching. Submit a question or topic and I will cover this for you so you get advice that works.

Again, we waste so may hours trawling though social media, google and such like trying to find answers. You no longer need to do this. Save ourself hours each week by laser focusing on stuff that works and avoiding the overwhelm of poor information out there.

Click the link to joint the IBS Secrets FB Group and book your IBS Clarity Call at the same time!

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You Can Be IBS Free!

Stop fighting against your body and start working with what your mumma gave you!

See you on the other side…

Helen Mileham xxx

IBS Specialist, Creator of the Be IBS Free System, Founder of Glorious Food