I don’t like bland boring food. Having spent years trying pointless diets like the FODMAP and restricting myself to just a few ‘safe’ food items I found that I got bored very easily and then took myself out for some proper junk food. I still had IBS so what was the point of all that anyway?

Since becoming IBS free and happy, I now eat a vast array of colourful, sexy, tasty and satisfying foods – which do not bring any symptoms back.

Spending time feeding yourself properly is really the only way your gut will every be happy with you BUT this doesn’t have to mean that you are in the kitchen all day every day. Eating well can be less time consuming than you think.

That is why I wanted to share this gorgeous little kitchen gadget with you today. It is such a simple thing and it makes me very happy.

Here are four different meals you can have out of simply grating 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1 slice of cabbage with this grater.

Chilli Lime Corn with Raw Slaw and salad

Stir fried raw slaw with broccoli and parmesan

Chilli Lime Cob with Jacket, raw slaw and salad

Minty potato salad with raw slaw and salad

Eating well and healing your gut doesn’t have to be boring and bland. These simple meals are a doddle to create and will give you all the nutrients your body has been craving, *without exacerbating your symptoms.

I want to be IBS free

If you are ready to put IBS to bed once and for all then download my IBS Secrets Revealed booklet. Contained within you will find everything you need to understand why nothing is working and learn what you can do about it to learn how you can finally trust your gut.

“Every Woman Deserves To be IBS Free!”

*unless you have a particular food intolerance. For more information on that please get in touch with Th IBS Coach, Helen Waddington at helen@the ibscoach.com