Trust Your Gut With Our Diet Coaching Course

Trust Your Gut With Diet Coaching

You could get started on your IBS free journey by taking up one of our specialised Trust Your Gut Diet Coaching courses.

Each course includes 6 x Diet Coaching sessions to help you understand the real benefits of food and stick to your new way of eating as well as achieving a healthier lifestyle in order for you to reach your Health Goals and Weight Targets.

Block of 6 Diet Coaching sessions £995

With our tailored to you Diet Coaching course you can reach your health goals and weight targets quickly, whilst learning incredible diet hacks along the way in order to ensure that you can easily stick to your new healthier lifestyle over the long term and not revert straight back to your old ways of eating.

This will leave you full of energy, revitalised, confident in your health and immune system and able to become IBS free. All from the comfort of your own home as the course is 100% online.

The Course Includes:

  • 45 Minute Symptom Analysis and Dietary Health Check Consultation included for free with your first block of 6 Diet Coaching sessions. 
  • Detailed Nutrition Report included your macronutrients, current vitamin and mineral intake, ensuring we focus on the right foods for your body going forward 
  • Healthy IBS Free Diet Plan with easy to follow simple recipes to reduce IBS, increase energy, heal your gut, boost your immune system and ensure vitality and good health for life
  • 6 x Dietary Coaching sessions to support and guide you through your diet and lifestyle changes 
  • Email Support, advice and guidance throughout

In order to ensure that we are a good fit to work together and that you will be able to achieve incredible life changing results with our Trust Your Gut Diet Coaching course, all Diet Coaching courses are available on an application only basis.

If you feel you would like to apply for your Trust Your Gut Diet Coaching course with IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham, please complete this application form 

Here’s to your new IBS free life!