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There are so many foods available that are gluten free or lactose free these days. Does this mean that more and more people are becoming allergic or intolerant to gluten and dairy?  The short answer is possibly although not necessarily.  Unless you have been properly tested for food allergies by a qualified and trained practitioner you will not know whether you are specifically intolerant to either gluten or lactose.

Feeling bloated?

You may be aware that something is wrong when you eat certain foods as you may feel bloated after eating, or you may have a variety of other reactions when eating a certain food.  You may feel headachy, nauseous or flatulent.  You may get a skin rash or you may get constipated or have diarhorea.  The symptoms of a food intolerance are pretty varied and can be mild or severe and also may not be immediate.

People with allergies, particularly peanut allergies, can go from itching & sneezing to swelling of the throat, anaphylactic shock and even cardiac arrest.  Allergies are not something that can be taken lightly.

It is important to note that allergies and intolerances are different.  Allergies are much more severe and can be fatal whereas intolerances are irritating to the body and often don’t have any recognisable symptoms other than discomfort that could be attributed to a number of other illnesses and health issues.  This is why intolerances can often be overlooked or not even suggested by your normal physician.  Over time food intolerances can cause a number of other ailments if not eliminated from the diet.  Therefore, it is just as important to get tested as a process of elimination before moving on to other diagnosis if you are feeling unwell.

Gluten & Dairy Intolerance

Going without these two specific nutrients may be detrimental to your health if not managed correctly.  In milk, for example there are two milk proteins; whey and casein along with the sugar, lactose.  So, if you are intolerant to whey but going lactose free, you won’t be doing yourself any favours.

Our bodies utilise whey, casein and lactose very well with no intolerances present. Lactose is one of the natural sugars that our bodies require for energy and shouldn’t be avoided without being replaced by other natural sugary carbs.

Gluten is so often seen as the bad guy.  Gluten is the protein found within a number of different grains.  People often report that when they stop eating bread they find that they feel less bloated (and less flatulent).  This may not entirely be the fault of gluten.  Bread contains yeast amongst a whole host of other ingredients that may be causing the problems.  My point is, do you really know what it IS in the bread that is causing the reaction and if you don’t know then how can you avoid it in other foods?

Different Testing Methods

There are many ways of getting tested for gluten & dairy and other food intolerances.  The medical profession in the UK often advise an ‘elimination diet’.  This is when you eliminate a certain food group for a period of time and then re-introduce it to see if any reaction occurs.  As you can imagine this is a very lengthy process and is not often very accurate.  The lack of accuracy may be due to the fact that avoiding something like ‘milk’ is pretty tricky as milk or milk proteins and sugars are added to a number of processed foods making it difficult to avoid.  Just ‘not drinking’ milk isn’t enough for this method of testing to work.  Also, it doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty of what it could be within the milk that is causing the problems.

I have researched various blood testing methods, skin scraping tests, tests on samples of hair to see if a certain food group is being tolerated by the body.  All of which are invasive to the body and can be inconclusive.  The method we use at Glorious Foods is a method I personally have been tested with myself for the past 17 years by my own Nutritionist – who happens to be an incredibly inspirational woman (I am happy to provide her details if you are geographically closer to London).

Glorious Food Electro Acupuncture

When we test for food intolerances we take an electro acupuncture reading directly from the flow of energy created within the body when presented with a particular food item.  The test is very accurate.  The test is non-invasive.  It doesn’t hurt and the results are immediate.  It takes a fully trained and qualified practitioner to read the measurements and relay them to you.  Once the results have been presented nutritional advice is given for tips and ways of learning how to adapt a healthy diet around the intolerance.

A professional nutrition consultant will provide alternative food suggestions to ensure that you are not going without any vital nutrition within your normal daily diet.  At Glorious Foods, we teach you how to FEED YOURSELF BETTER with real, whole, tasty foods and you will soon look and feel better than you have in years!

The human body requires a wide variety of foods to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats and therefore removing a food group without managing it and replacing the lost nutrient content with other foods could be detrimental to optimum health.

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

This information is vital and should be available to everyone.  We all know the basics of a healthy diet, but how can we REALLY know if we are consuming enough vitamins and minerals?  The answer is to book in a food intolerance test with Glorious Foods.  Information is provided how to include more beautiful, colourful, tasty, fresh foods into your diet to boost your vitamins and minerals NATURALLY.  Food is medicine and one of the great pleasures in life.  Enjoying what you eat is paramount.  Enjoying what you eat whilst knowing that it is healing your gut, helping your brain to function and providing energy to all the cells in your body is a truly empowering feeling!

Home grown carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, spinach beet and courgettes

Your health is our testimonial of the future…

At Glorious Foods we care about your health and wellbeing.  We think you deserve to be healthy.  We think you deserve to know what is troubling you.  We can help you to make whatever changes are necessary.  We believe that you can feel better by eating the right foods.  Be Healthy and Happy!

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