Fancy Some Formaldehyde On The Side?

Are you aware what is in the foods and drinks you are consuming? Most diet drinks, diet foods, lots of supplements and all sorts of hidden items contain Aspartame. See list below.

Aspartame is a chemical. Not a food. A chemical made up of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. When ingested it breaks down into Formaldehyde in the body.

It is highly toxic to the body and certainly will not make you thin by consuming it. In fact, quite the opposite. Studies have shown that 87% of women who regularly consume diet drinks, all heavily laden with Aspartame in all it’s guises (more on that coming up) are overweight to obese to clinically obese.

So why continue to drink diet drinks?

The problem lay in how weight has been perceived and how the food manufacturers and government policies have allowed toxins like this into food chain in the first place. Aspartame was refused several times in the 1980’s but then allowed into the food chain.

  • Formaldehyde causes cancer and leukemia
  • Formaldehyde causes mitochondria dysfunction and DNA damage
  • Formaldehyde causes uncontrollable weight gain
  • Formaldehyde causes IBS symptoms

In short Aspartame should never have been passed and since it was allowed into our food chain the obesity problem has reached epidemic proportions, alongside increases in cancer, IBS and other gut health issues.

Here are just some of the likely and very unlikely places you are likely to find aspartame.

Foods that are labelled ‘Low Sugar’, ‘Reduced Sugar’ or ‘Sugar Free’

  • soft drinks
  • iced tea
  • cocoa drinks
  • juice drinks
  • squash concentrate drinks
  • diet drinks
  • drinkable yoghurt
  • protein shakes
  • flavoured water
  • coffee syrups
  • sugar free biscuits
  • sugar free ketchup
  • sugar free cakes
  • healthy snack bars
  • cereal
  • desserts
  • mints
  • chewing gum
  • sweets
  • jams
  • jelly
  • nutritional supplements

Sadly avoiding Aspartame isn’t always as easy as reading the label as the manufacturers realised a few years ago that aspartame was getting a bad name, as it should do because it’s highly poisonous junk with zero nutrients. So they cleverly and quickly relabelled is as ‘Amino-Sweet’ knowing that people were becoming more aware of amino acids and are likely to have heard this world bandied around food health shops, magazines and health TV shows.

Of course, as Google is heavily censored and these companies are multi billion dollar machines you may find contradictory information when you do your own research.

I personally however wouldn’t touch the stuff and neither would my IBS free ladies now that they have kicked IBS to the kerb once and for all.

My advice. Ditch the crap and if in doubt say NO!