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Staying healthy in the workplace is something I personally struggled with during my almost twenty year PA . EA career in corporate London. In 2014 I decided to relocate to the country, changing my life and career at the same time and finally following my passion for health & wellness and nutrition.

I set up business in 2015 and have since been working with people to improve their gut health, boost immune strength and reduce unwanted and painful symptoms, being able life to the full once more. I absolutely love what I do and I’m passionate about helping others learn how to self-heal. Something we are all capable of with access to the right information and guidance. Our health is in our own hands and is solely our responsibility but without the right tools is can seem insurmountable… 

I focus on Mental Health, Physical Health and Emotional Health outlined in my three courses and I also provide a fully tailored 1:1 Accountability Coaching program to delve a little deeper into your overall health, specifically tailored to you and your needs. 

Feed Your Brain To Reduce Anxiety…

Mental Health is so important in the workplace and easily causes the most time off work with stress related issues.

The good news is that the brain is, essentially, a muscle and like any other muscle within the body it requires a combination of the right nutrients in order to function at optimum level. When we work long hours and have a heavy workload the internal pressure can build up feelings of stress and anxiety, which then causes inflammation with in the body.

My two pronged approach to restoring positive mental health is by reducing the physical inflammation caused by stress and anxiety and then readdressing the essential nutrient balance to ensure the brain is well fed and energised, ensuring that you can quickly get back to it and be at the top of your game!

Fix The Gut & Strengthen Your Immune System

Gut health is the second largest problem when it comes to taking time off work.

The difficulty begins within the gut microbiome. When this delicate system is not working to perfection it throws the whole body out of alignment. Around 70 – 80% of the immune cells reside in the gut. Therefore without a fully functioning and healthy gut your immune system is compromised, sometimes severely. This leads to an open day for illness and disease to creep in often putting gut health to the back of the queue on the list of health priorities to get fixed…

We each have the power to correct our gut microbiome and by following the right advice and guidance you can finally start trusting your gut once more, making decisions intuitively whilst enjoying sharper focus and productivity.

Balance Your Hormones For Clarity & Focus

Emotional wellbeing is often overlooked within the workplace. Feeling mentally and physically well is not just about eating the right thing and drinking water each day. Hormonal imbalance causes an estimated 37% of workplace sick days and is often misdiagnosed for years. 

Many women, for example search for answers using conventional methods for an average of one to two years before being treated with peri-menopausal symptoms. And not all respond well to HRT often taking another 12 – 18 months to find something that works for them.

Men, too, can struggle with hormonal imbalance as more and more growth hormones are pumped into our food chain. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty which rarely get talked about, particularly amongst men themselves. Despite the year we find ourselves in, this is still seen as taboo.

Rebalancing the hormones is not an overnight quick fix, however 83% of my clients have noted an improvement within 3 weeks to how they feel, emotionally. Simply by following a tailored plan. Having a simple step-by-step methodology to follow provides a benchmark to set goals to and this provides some focus and clarity in an otherwise confusing minefield… 

1:1 Accountability Coaching 

With this package we will work closely together on improving your overall health, ensuring that you feel strong mentally, physically and emotionally in order that you can stay focused, productive and work smarter, not harder.

This is a great course if you want a little extra TLC or have multiple,e health issues that seem overwhelming. We break everything down into bite sized manageable chunks and work through each obstacle together breaking those mountains down to mole hills.

Now let’s face facts. Life isn’t all about work. We all need energy for personal time too and this package aims to give you enough energy to do both with ease. 


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