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Let me tell you a personal story about how I went from not knowing what was causing my IBS symptoms, always being confused about what to eat, feeling embarrassed about my symptoms and limiting my life because of my IBS to understanding my condition to the point where I was able to easily heal my gut whilst learning precisely what to eat when at home, when out and about and taking control of my life once again.

Over twenty years ago, I was so frustrated with my body letting me down in public and I had really started to hate my guts with a passion.

I had tried to go on various elimination diets, tried the FODMAP, had expensive food allergy testing done, had blood tests, cameras top and bottom. Endless medications that didn’t work and made me feel worse with the side effects. I was referred to many different specialists including a gastro and a dietician. Neither of whom could help me.

I even tried a variety of holistic treatments and therapies to work on my stress levels as I had been told my IBS was stress related. Whilst these treatments all felt nice I saw no tangible results.

My Love Life Was Non Existent…

I really wanted to solve this problem because it was getting to the point where I couldn’t hold down a job and I had rent to pay. My love life was non-existent as I was so embarrassed about what my body might do that I dare not commit to anyone long enough to find out. My friends were getting real tired of my excuses as to why I couldn’t go out with them and I knew I was heading for a long, uncomfortable life of feeling and being alone with my unsociable illness.

At that point I was at my wits end. I went through a phase of not eating hardly anything as everything I did eat seemed to set it off and I would either have urgent explosive diarrhoea or be constipated and in pain for days on end. This started to worry me even more, sending my stress and anxiety levels through the roof!

It just wasn’t working out. I decided something HAD to change. I made it my mission to find answers. I spent years researching digestive health and trialling many different faddy diets to see if any of them worked. They didn’t. I attended many different healing retreats over the years, studied human nutrition and spent a fortune on different supplements and therapies.

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