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*I created my ‘IBS Secrets, Revealed!’ download as a slicker, sexier follow up from my ‘IBS Secrets Guidebook.’ This new little book gives you everything you need to know about IBS in a simple 10 minute, easy read format.

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IBS Coaching Client Reviews

I consider myself lucky to work with such amazing women. Here are some of their IBS Course reviews…

I signed up for Helen’s IBS Course after struggling all summer with severe IBS symptoms which had become worse after 20 years. 

For the first time I feel completely in control and if symptoms appear I now understand why and how to quickly get my system back into balance. 

I’ve learned so much and Helen was always at hand to answer questions and provide support.

Helen, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the chance to regain control over my life and body…

Nicki Croote

Therapist, IBS Course Client

I have had IBS for 34 years and I have felt like a prisoner in my own home at times. I had no idea that food could cause such problems. 

While I am in the midst of changing my diet I have found that my symptoms have started to disappear and I feel like I am starting to heal.

I don’t know how you did this Helen, but thank you from the bottom of my heart…

Jody Foran

Retired, IBS Course Client

I’ve had bloating for so long I looked 6 months pregnant. I had forgotten what life was like with a flat tummy. 

Since the beginning of the course I noticed a real difference in how I felt. My clothes are more comfortable and I don’t spend all day worrying about what to eat, which used to consume most of my days. 

The course fitted in well in my life around my yoga clients and I now feel I am able to advise them better on nutrition. Thanks for everything Helen! You have changed my life!

Jane Cunningham

Yoga Teacher, IBS Course Client

To find out more about my proven, effective and fast acting IBS Course please book your IBS Call with me here.

The call helps us get to know each other personally and also see if I am able to help you. I work very closely coaching each of my clients to get the very best results for them. Helping them learn how to become IBS free. 

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After everything you’ve heard about your IBS reaching out for more help can seem a little daunting and often you don’t know where to turn. Please don’t worry, I’ve totally got you. Anything you need simply email me at 

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