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Sick of IBS?

    • Feel unable to trust your gut?
    • IBS affecting your focus at work?
    • Ever cancelled plans due to IBS?
    • Sick of wearing baggy clothes?
    • Always worrying about what to eat?
    • Had IBS for more than 3 years?
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Trust Your Gut Coaching...

This coaching course is for women who:

  • have suffered with IBS for over 3 years
  • have taken time off work and/or have left a dinner date early because of IBS
  • feel embarrassed discussing IBS with a partner
  • are concerned about how IBS is affecting the family
  • have tried different solutions in the past but didn’t get results and felt unsupported
  • have so much you want to do in life but never do even half of it as IBS stops you in your tracks every time
  • can feel quite low and get frustrated with your body constantly letting you down
  • are ready to get started but don’t know where to start
  • need to be held accountable and want proven expert IBS advice and guidance
  • want to feel energised, healthy, sexy, confident and be able to trust your gut
  • don’t want to waste any more time suffering with IBS pain and embarrassment
  • can ‘get on with it’ despite challenging schedules and work life balance
  • are ready to become IBS free and live life to the full again!

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Trust Your Gut Online...

This online course is for women who:

  • have suffered with IBS for 3 – 30 years
  • have lost days (or even weeks) of work, missed or ruined holidays or cancelled social plans due to IBS
  • have had IBS dictate your ability to attend or enjoy important family milestones
  • have had IBS interfere with intimate relations and / or negatively affect friendships
  • often feel alone and misunderstood and don’t like being ‘awkward’ around food
  • have tried to get help many times over the years and are feeling more and more disappointed each time
  • have a busy working or retirement life and need more hours in the day
  • never seem to have enough energy or focus to accomplish everything on the to do list
  • spend far too long in the bathroom each day 
  • need expert support, guidance and accountability each step of the way
  • want to be able to dip in and out of learning to fit around busy work / family / social schedules
  • want to grab life by the horns and not waste any more years to IBS
  • have wifi and are able to work online

Are You Ready To Trust Your Gut?

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This Is What Our Clients Say…

My IBS started 3 years ago and crept up on me completely out of nowhere. I was in the most debilitating pain and felt like I had a lump of concrete going down from my rib cage to the pit of my stomach!

I work full time and have 2 children and had begun to notice that my energy levels were running on low. I was lethargic and losing my mojo. I was developing bad eating habits…

I was keen and eager to learn more about food and how it affects the body and what we can do to enhance our diet, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

Since working with Helen and learning more about how the body works and studying my eating habits, my diet and mindset has changed for the better. In doing this my energy levels have improved dramatically and I’m maintaining a healthy, happy bowel alongside a more healthy, balanced diet.”

Liz Heighton-Jupp

Children's Residential Support Worker, Wimbotsham

I found Helen on Facebook and then discovered that she would be at the Mind, Body and Spirit fair in Kings Lynn. I was really excited about meeting Helen as I hoped she may be able to help me with the painful IBS that had been troubling me for over 30 years.
I used to have to dash into the nearest pub or shopping centre to relieve myself or just not eat before going on a long journey as I knew my tummy would not behave itself. It was embarrassing and awkward and I would never be able to go out for a meal with friends.
Once I had talked to Helen I felt confident that she knew how to help me. I didn’t hesitate to take up her program and I was really glad that I did.
After just a few weeks I started to feel better. My urgent need to go to the toilet had completely gone and for the first time in years I was in control of my toilet habits, rather than the other way around. I was eating a healthy, tasty and balanced diet. I love cooking so I was able to work around my food intolerances and make some simple and easy meals which were tasty and enjoyable and most importantly were good for me and not aggravating my IBS symptoms.
I’ve been working with Helen ever since and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my life. I can now go out with friends. I don’t have to plan where the toilets are each time I leave the house and all my friends and family can’t believe the difference in me. I also lost 8 lbs which was a nice side effect of the program
Glynis Graves

Caterer, Spalding

I had horrendous IBS, ME and Fibromyalgia before I came to see Helen, suffering with chronic diarrhoea, terrible stomach cramps and was always bloated with zero energy.

I was worried about working out what I could eat but the program was so much easier and better than I had hoped.  Helen was so supportive and encouraging throughout.

I feel so much better and now I’m not stuck on the toilet all the time.  I have no more bloating, my IBS is 99% gone and even my energy has increased by around 40%.   As well as losing weight I feel healthier and more positive about what I eat.  A brilliant program, thanks Helen!

Claire Sanders

Hairdresser, Norfolk

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Sick of IBS?

    • Feel unable to trust your gut?
    • IBS affecting your focus at work?
    • Ever cancelled plans due to IBS?
    • Sick of wearing baggy clothes?
    • Always worrying about what to eat?
    • Had IBS for more than 3 years?
  • Get Your Life Back!

    Reduce Your IBS With Our PROVEN Trust Your Gut Method Download